Family Business

A Challenge Like no Other

“Our relationship issues really became a problem when there were topics that we just didn’t discuss in order to avoid conflict and tension.”
  • Are there topics that those involved in the family business don’t discuss simply because they stir up tension and ignite conflict?
  • Are you working with family members that you love, but don’t like?
  • Are some meeting unproductive because of disagreements and conflict?
  • Is the future of the company on hold because family members can’t agree on the future direction for the family business?
  • Do you have family members that may not be the best fit for their roles?  Are you reluctant to bring up the subject?
  • Is the company’s future at risk because of disagreements about who can / should / will lead the company in future years and future generations?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’ll want to receive our latest white paper –

Family Business Owners Beware:

4 Dysfunctions That Create Chaos in Family Business

  • Family relationships in family owned businesses add a layer of relationship complexity that other businesses don’t face
  • The dysfunctions that occur in family businesses are naturally occurring and predictable
  • Using our expertise in human behavior and organizational process and our fifteen years of experience helping family businesses, we can help you look at your family business challenges more objectively
  • The challenges your family business faces can be addressed in a way that preserves family relationships and moves the business forward at the same time

Family relationship issues in a family-owned business add a layer of relationship complexity that non-family owned businesses don’t face. For example, despite growing up together in the same family, are you surprised at how some family members can see and do things so differently? If this applies to you, you’ll want to receive our latest white paper. Request your copy here:


In “Family Business Owners Beware:4 Dysfunctions That Create Chaos in Family Businesses,” you’ll learn about 4 predictable and naturally occurring organizational dysfunctions. These dysfunctions are based on predictable human behavior and the unintended consequences of well-intended processes. They occur because of the unique structure of a family business.

These dysfunctions rob family businesses of the ability to solve problems objectively and effectively. Don’t ignore these issues in your family business. The cost of ignoring these issues can be immense and personal.Request your FREE copy of “Family Business Owners Beware: 4 Dysfunctions That Create Chaos in Family Businesses.”

Welcome to “Family Business Owners Beware: 4 Dysfunctions That Create Chaos in Family Businesses.”

My name is Jim Connolly and for more than twenty years I’ve been working with family businesses helping them improve shareholder relationships, operational performance and organizational results. We do this by leveraging our expertise in human behavior and organizational/family dynamics.

As you know, running a family business is different than running a non-family owned business. The key is to use principles that work with the unique structure and features of a family business. When you use proven tools designed for family businesses, family members, shareholders, board members, managers and employees can work together far more effectively than ever before.

Then, and only then, is it possible to focus on charting a successful course for the future of the family business. And that’s what you’ll learn about in our FREE report, “Family Business Owners Beware: 4 Dysfunctions That Create Chaos in Family Businesses.”

In this Free report, “Family Business Owners Beware: 4 Dysfunctions That Create Chaos in Family Businesses,” you’ll get the answers you’ve been looking for:

  • How does the structure of a family business create a layer of relationship complexity that, if not managed, causes conflict and tension between owners?
  • The biggest challenges for a family business are not about strategy, marketing, reducing costs or profitability. What are they? The results will surprise you.
  • How can organizational and financial results be improved despite personalities, alliances and challenging relationships? Find out how by requesting the FREE no-obligation report.
  • What’s the future for family businesses? Don’t get caught unprepared. Gain valuable insights into what you need to do now so you can overcome the significant business challenges ahead.
  • Is your family business having “people issues?” Most family businesses have them. Find out how to make them go away in your family business. Request the FREE no-obligation report.
  • Is your family business bordering on chaos? Find out what you can do to bring it back into balance.
  • Does your family business struggle with getting decisions made? The 4 naturally occurring and predictable dysfunctions described in the free report explain why this is happening.
  • Gain best in class insights to build a high performing family business. Find out what you can do to improve your results beginning today!

“At its worst, our family business became a series of Survivor television episodes complete with opposing alliances and strategies to defeat other alliances”

K. Stephens
Family Owned

“Jim helped us through a very difficult time in our family business.  The four of us (actively involved owners) couldn’t agree on where we wanted our seventy-two year old, third generation company to go next.  Jim helped us see that our relationship issues were normal and fixable.  He also helped us establish a plan that we all embraced.”

A. Dickerson
Chief Financial Officer
Family Owned